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Nutfield watercolour painting

Landscapes Posted on Sat, June 28, 2014 09:20:36

Here’s a snapshot of a painting I did yesterday. My best friend and I took the dog for a walk across the neighbouring fields of Earlswood and Nutfield and took photos of the rape seed in full bloom. We got home and swiftly set about painting from the little images we took on our phones. This was great, because we were outdoors and it was hard to see too much detail on the screens of our small phones which forced us to interpret more and be a bit more abstract in portraying the scene.
I’ve put the painting up for sale on Etsy and shortly it will be available on my own site.

ArtDemo: Mixed Media with Textiles

YouTube Videos Posted on Sat, May 03, 2014 13:19:10

Check out my latest art demo video on youtube. It’s all about experimenting with textiles in mixed media to produce an original and creative piece of art. Use ribbons, fabric cuttings and lace trim amongst other things. Be inspired and have a go yourself.//

ArtDemo: Emboss Resist

YouTube Videos Posted on Sun, April 20, 2014 17:31:19

Using embossing as a resist to paint a water colour scene of a meadow. Including scrap booking elements and keepsakes.

ArtDemo: Emboss Resist

YouTube Videos Posted on Sun, April 20, 2014 17:31:18

Using embossing as a resist to paint a water colour scene of a meadow. Including scrap booking elements and keepsakes.

ArtDemo: Embossing Indian Textile Pattern

YouTube Videos Posted on Sun, April 13, 2014 13:02:30

My latest YouTube vid:

Embossing is a very exciting way to incorporate another medium into your mixed media art work, either as gilded or glossy accents or as a main feature. I’m naturally drawn to textiles and repeat pattern, which I put to good use creating a commissioned canvas for an Indian restaurant in our neighbourhood.

Here I show you an exciting way to use mixed media to mimic Sari and Indian textile designs in a sumptuous, weathered, antique finish.//

ArtDemo: London Skyline in textured acrylics

YouTube Videos Posted on Wed, April 02, 2014 17:40:43

Check out my latest YouTube vid, painting a London Skyline in acrylics. I recommend a great book showing how to use all those different mediums out there, really helpful if you feel bamboozled by it all. Also I show how to get inspiration out there for different painting techniques to achieve atmosphere and texture in your painting…. loads of pins on my Pinterest board of other artists work that’s really inspiring, for one.//

Ruchita Commissions Paintings

News Posted on Fri, March 28, 2014 13:13:55

Another fabulous announcement to make……
Ruchita, a well known and loved restaurant here in Earlswood (right next to the station) commissioned a collection of paintings which are now hung and on display for all to see. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood and in need of sustenance, then stop in for a delectable curry, cool beverage and admire the art work.
The first part of the collection consists of four paintings that line the wall at the rear of the restaurant complete with a plaque which reads:

This collection of paintings was commissioned by Ruchita in
2013. The theme for these works was inspired by Indian textiles and
incorporates the use of spicy, fiery colours: turmeric and paprika contrasting
with the refreshing, cool colours of water and ice. Orange and blue are
complementary colours just as refreshing drinks complement Ruchita’s
beautifully spiced cuisine. Pattern and design includes the use of well
recognised motifs such as the ‘buta’ or tree of life, otherwise known in the UK
as ‘paisley’ (adopted by textile manufacturers in Scotland).

The second part of the collection comprises of one large canvas on the wall opposite the entrance and the plaque for that reads as follows:

Ruchita, meaning ‘well-loved’, routed closely in the Sanskrit word Ruchikara which means ‘a taste for’ or ‘penchant for’, a ‘love of’ or ‘appetite for’. This painting, commissioned by Ruchita restaurant in 2014 is an addition to delighting the senses, revelling in the exquisite, celebrating taste and the love of good food. Design elements incorporated into this painting are inspired by Indian textiles and saris mostly from Bangladesh and includes the use of sand texture paste, embossing, glitter, sequins and gem stones to convey a sense of divine opulence and indulgence.

Ruchita can be found on Facebook and their website is


News Posted on Fri, March 28, 2014 11:53:33

Just to let you know I have a collection of Pinterest boards for those art lovers amongst us.
My collection of boards can be found at where you’ll find My Artwork including links to my latest art videos
also other artists’ work that I find eye-catching and inspirational Art I Like

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