It’s All About Atmosphere

As I first started creating a treasury lists featuring some of my favourite fine art on Etsy, I realised how much I’m drawn to Impressionist or Abstract styles of painting and why. I love to see highly textured paintings, good use of colour and more of a suggestion of the subject matter (in most cases, landscapes). Sometimes, I’ll come across art that is sooo finely done, sooooo exact in it’s replication of the subject matter that I almost feel disappointed, disappointed that it’s too realistic and looks less like a painting and more like a photograph. If I want to look at photographic realism, I’ll look at a photo – photography is after all an art form. It’s the feel or the atmosphere of a scene that I love to see captured on canvas or paper, where you’re imagination is prompted and you feel you could lose yourself in it.

Whenever I see photographed stages of a painting in a book or online as a demo, I often find the preparatory stages more exciting than the finished piece. My brother and best friend were discussing this last night and they both agreed that expressionism or abstract art tends to carry far more energy with it.

This obviously is my own personal taste and others may feel more moved by realism. I appreciate the skill that’s required to produce highly realistic art, but it just leaves me feeling cold.

Hmm, food for thought.

It’s All About Atmosphere by sitesorted on Etsy