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Dad’s comments on Art

Rhetoric Posted on Thu, June 09, 2011 15:47:21

I once recommended Dad to take a look at a web site featuring Chris Forsey’s work. He demo’ed at our art group regularly and I just love his work. (now a member of the RA).

Here’s what Dad had to say:

“Thankyou for the link to Chris Forsey’s site. I agree with you that it’s inspirational, it makes you want to get cracking & do something cultured & useful, like a good painting. His style is a little illustrational for my taste (ie. the reality of the perception is not the priority, the quality & general feel of the finished product takes precedence) but that’s not a criticism. He’s got a great confidence and obviously really enjoys doing it. Doing a painting is a bit like playing a piece of music, it could be improvisation, or it could be a performance of something someone else composed. But the performer’s technique & ability (chops, as they say in the jazz world) will always be the most crucial factor for the audience. Of course, a piece of music takes a while to get through, whereas you can view a painting in one hit.” 15.02.08

My brother and I are hoping to get a site up and running featuring Dad’s art work and possibly doing prints. I’ll let you know as and when things appear on there. (for future reference).

Over and out.

Finished commission

Landscapes Posted on Thu, June 09, 2011 14:59:02

Ok, I think I’m there and it’s ready to go to it’s new owner. sniff. bye bye baby Santorini!