I once recommended Dad to take a look at a web site featuring Chris Forsey’s work. He demo’ed at our art group regularly and I just love his work.

http://chrisforsey.com/ (now a member of the RA).

Here’s what Dad had to say:

“Thankyou for the link to Chris Forsey’s site. I agree with you that it’s inspirational, it makes you want to get cracking & do something cultured & useful, like a good painting. His style is a little illustrational for my taste (ie. the reality of the perception is not the priority, the quality & general feel of the finished product takes precedence) but that’s not a criticism. He’s got a great confidence and obviously really enjoys doing it. Doing a painting is a bit like playing a piece of music, it could be improvisation, or it could be a performance of something someone else composed. But the performer’s technique & ability (chops, as they say in the jazz world) will always be the most crucial factor for the audience. Of course, a piece of music takes a while to get through, whereas you can view a painting in one hit.” 15.02.08

My brother and I are hoping to get a site up and running featuring Dad’s art work and possibly doing prints. I’ll let you know as and when things appear on there.

http://www.gregorykingart.co.uk (for future reference).

Over and out.