Dungeness, perched on the Kent coast with it’s 3 lighthouses, is without a doubt, one of the strangest places I’ve ever been. Well known for it’s nuclear power station you’d be inclined to make jokes about 3-eyed fish in the sea, but ironically enough, it’s actually a vast nature reserve of international interest, protecting numerous animal and plant species.
Dotted about in the vast, flat wilderness of natural gravel and shrubs, there are little fisherman’s huts clad in Kent’s famous weather boarding. This is where you least expect to see residential properties, but here they are, in the middle of nowhere, some of them beautifully tended with gravel featured gardens and abandoned boats standing like drift wood sculptures, relics of a bygone fisherman era. Derek Jarman’s beach house is one of the more popular of these properties, but each one of these unique little beach huts make for wonderful subject matter in paintings and I intend to do many more.
This painting is done in acrylics on a highly textured ground and paint wraps around the canvas so that framing is not essential.
This painting is on block canvas and is ready to hang. It measures 40x40cm or 16×16″ with a depth of 1.5″.


PS. I sold this painting, literally, as I was packing the car to leave at the end of our holiday in Camber